Monday, August 16, 2010

FOREST EYES premiering on Myspace tomorrow...

At 9am tomorrow (Tuesday 17th August), we are unshackling the ugly-dancing beast that is our new single 'Forest Eyes' on our Myspace page here.

Filled with treasures, dancing, summer days, garden gnomes & forest eyes. We hope you love it.

There's some distant drums playing down by the river, and there will be a few of you to have heard the call and joined the party... If you've made it to any of our shows last week with Art vs Science, you may have found yourself an EP... We've been sneaking them around, like sneaky foxes. 

But for the whole forest, our humble debut EP is lurking in the underbrush, and will become available to pluck from all sorts of jungle growth (iTunes, JB HiFi & all good record stores Australia-wide) this FRIDAY 20th AUGUST. 

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