Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FOREST EYES video (& some words from Marcus)

 Premiere of the FOREST EYES video, below!

BUT FIRST: here's a fairly hilarious forward by Marcus on filming the video:

"This Forest Eyes video is a hybrid of two separate adventures, in different seasons of 2010. 

Half of it was filmed earlier this year, at the end of summer, and the second half was filmed a couple of months ago, at the end of winter. The first summer adventure was memorable for two reasons - Pepa and I had just finished recording Peter Pan and Forest Eyes in his home studio, we didn't have a band, or the support of anyone but our mothers, so we just put the songs on myspace with some footage that we shot on the central coast. It was weird. We filmed another part on a whimsical road trip I took with my flat mate, Sam, and photographer Shantanu Starick, to his home in Byron Bay. On this trip, something unusual took place... for it is where Sam and I developed the concept of UGLY DANCING. We had been working on it for a while, but it really came into full glory at one point near a field of sugar cane, where we pulled over, cranked some wild world music, and pulled all the worst dance moves we could. I got so overwhelmed by the ugly dance, that I slipped out of all my clothes and danced naked along the roadside, much to the delight of passing road train drivers (who gave me an almighty toot). Unfortunately, Shantanu was there to document it all and you can see some of that footage in the clip.

The second installment of the clip was filmed early on a Sunday morning in Winter. We had a gig on Saturday night, and all our friends came back to our house for a sleep over. We got up at 5:30am, grabbed anything that looked remotely like an animal costume (that included leopard print stockings, a nappy and pink overalls... believe me, it looks worse visually than it sounds). We hiked down into the forest, along a river in frenches forest to catch the sunrise on a secluded beach. It was freezing, no one enjoyed themselves, except for a one Pepa Knight, who snuck down a block of chocolate, and was secretly snacking with Jinja Safari bass player Joe Citizen. We lit a fire, danced around it, and everyone started feeling a little better about life... but if you keep an eye out for Alister Pattern's feet (percussionist / meercat), you'll notice they are frozen solid, purple, and round. But the round foot and hand thing is just how he was born, we call it one of his 'gifts'- He can play Djembe uninterrupted for hours, where boney spider fingers like mine exhaust immediately. Also, you can see our drummer, Jacob Borg, in a koala costume that we put on him, that he clearly doesn't want to be in. We told him he could leave his sunnies on, and that he would be a 'Party Koala' and all of sudden he was much more co-opperative.

So now we have done the round robbin of a full seasonal cycle and want to show you what can be done with, a couple of home video cameras, Terrible 'animal' costumes, little to no prior planning, a couple of kids from the block, and some face paint. Hope you enjoy."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FOREST EYES clip (preview photos)

Here's some screen shots of the FOREST EYES video, coming very soon.

We took a whole bunch of our friends (Team Safari) into the forest and mucked about for the day.

There was also a video camera handy to capture some of the fun...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Polystyrene walls 
In the corner of the roof
In the corner of the attic
That we found at my best friends house.

They just got the keys 
From the real estate,
So we set about finding secrets
That were hidden in the old man’s house.

Found his zip lock bags,
Little green zip lock bags,
But we didn’t tell our folks,

But they found out 
So they broke it down
So they broke it down
They smelt incense
So they prayed over the drum kit.

Flakey paint at the back of the TV,
Blue light is flashing,
Turn it down low.

Stayin' up all night,
Watching action films,
That we saw and we stole,
From the back seat of his old man’s car.

Saw a naked shower,
Through the ceiling fan,
After that I fell in love with your close family friend.

We got splinters
Every time we went in,
And the winter felt so cold,
But it felt like home.

Where you gotta run?
I’ve been tryin' so hard to stay put.

Flakey paint at the back of the TV,
Blue light is flashing,
Turn it down low.

I pretend to watch 
As my little fingers,
Wander along the floor,
Under the doona.

I was 9, he was 7,
When I thought was all grown up,
And I kissed his sister’s mouth.

But they sat us down,
And they made a sound,
When my little sister found out,
And told our folks!

Where you gotta run?
I’ve been trying so hard to stay put.

In the attic, where they can see us.
In the attic, where they can see us.

Where you gotta run?
You’ll be a vagabond for your whole life.

Where you gotta run?
And when you get where your going-
A blade of grass like a knife-
And you’ll be asking yourself-
Where’s my family and wife?

(C) Jinja Safari 2010 - Words & Music by Marcus Azon & Pepa Knight

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Karaoke Safari.

Family cabin you never saw,
Sat alone on the forest floor.

And the wood rotted out slowly,
‘Till the roof gave way.
But we fixed it up now,
On this summer’s day.

I know that your into Salinger
And you wanna be his character,
I know that your so sophistica,
And I know you live ironica

But I never saw the light in city skies,
And I never saw the light burn in-
Forest eyes.

If I could design this day.
Be me and you in no ones way.
If I could design this day,
I’d never let it get away. 

Saw a thousand eyes in a peaceful sleep
We banged around with our city feet.

And we pulled down the sky,
So we swam back home,
And we drank our tea slowly,
With our garden gnomes.

Do do dodo

If I could design this day-
Be me and you in no one’s way.
If I could design this day-
I’d never let it get away.

(C) Jinja Safari 2010 - Words & Music by Marcus Azon & Pepa Knight

We'd love for you to request FOREST EYES here on Triple J!!!


Friday, August 20, 2010

JINJA SAFARI E.P Released! Available on iTunes (new pics, links to capture the E.P!)

The Jinja Safari E.P is now available in stores! 

We're running a few teaser tracks from our myspace page for you to hear what lurks within....

1. Mud
2. Peter Pan
3. Forest Eyes
4. Vagabond
5. Stepping Stones.

It's available from iTunes:

If you purchase or order the physical copy, you receive a unique download code for a bonus song called 'Families'. It is the premier ugly dancing song in our set (if you've seen our show, you'll know which song we mean). The CD is a cool-looking digipak, and looks like this:

And finally, this is how excited we are that our E.P is available for your ear jungles TODAY! :

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jinja Safari visits a strange place... (pictures from the tour, today)

We're on the road from the Central Coast (home for most of us) to Armidale for tonight's show with Art vs Science... and like responsible gentlemen we are, we decided to stop for a break along the 6hr journey.

Except, we stopped at Lake Liddell.

Joe Citizen & Jacob being cautious on a slippery surface.

Marcus. Tai Chi, maybe?

Joe Citizen had some time to impart you all with this little piece of advice...

Monday, August 16, 2010

FOREST EYES premiering on Myspace tomorrow...

At 9am tomorrow (Tuesday 17th August), we are unshackling the ugly-dancing beast that is our new single 'Forest Eyes' on our Myspace page here.

Filled with treasures, dancing, summer days, garden gnomes & forest eyes. We hope you love it.

There's some distant drums playing down by the river, and there will be a few of you to have heard the call and joined the party... If you've made it to any of our shows last week with Art vs Science, you may have found yourself an EP... We've been sneaking them around, like sneaky foxes. 

But for the whole forest, our humble debut EP is lurking in the underbrush, and will become available to pluck from all sorts of jungle growth (iTunes, JB HiFi & all good record stores Australia-wide) this FRIDAY 20th AUGUST. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

This is what we're doing RIGHT NOW. QLD is sunny.

Jinja Safari's Grass & Sun Exercise Course.



Jinja Safari's Shaman, Magic Man & Bass Player, Mr Joe Citizen. Drawing in the sun...

Jinja Safari - our walk this morning in Coolangatta (pics)

Here's some snaps from this morning...

Hey Brisbane, we're celebrating with you tonight! We're onstage @ 8:30pm, be early for us!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We made it to Coolangatta! Here's our beach pic for today...

Jinja Safari Road Trip pics (Art vs Science tour 1)

We're on the road up in a secluded hideaway on near the Gold Coast - here's a few pics from our drive from Sydney to Byron Bay yesterday...

'Revising our Surfing Lingo..."

We stopped at coffs harbour and ate bananas.

Jacob & Joe Citizen.