Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video: 'Peter Pan' coming next week (preview here!)

Jinja Safari have a show coming up on FRIDAY 9th JULY @ Spectrum, and tickets will go onsale next week - it's a headline show for Jinja Safari, and we're gonna turn Spectrum into a jungle-like tree house, and we'd like for you to invite all of your friends & dress up like rascal forest animals and dance ugly with us. See the facebook event here, and invite some people!

We're (finally) announcing the clip for 'Peter Pan' will be launch NEXT WEEK... with some awesome news to go with it.

Send us an email to and we'll supply you with a linke & password a day before it goes out to blogs etc, and you'll be able to see it before everyone else! (Because as friends of Jinja Safari, we like to make y'all feel special).

Here's a quick preview of images from the clip - mysterious, non?


  1. Hey guys!! Been followin' you guys for a while from JJJ and am lovin' the musica!! Check out, July 23rd we're having a massive Love In at BBs Bondi, smell the roses is the name of the game and spreading the love. It's a philosophy of living, come join (or play if you want :) )

    Will be seein' ya @ SPECTRUM BABY!!!!