Monday, June 21, 2010

Hyperbole.TV likes our 'bongo/xylophone maestro'

This is Alister (in the spotlight) - Jinja Safari's barefoot 'Bongo/Xylophone Maestro', as mentioned by Hyperbole.TV... The intense brow & casual lean against his weapon of rhythmic delight (a Djembe, in fact) suggests that an animalistic, primal urge lurks just beneath his calm exterior.

"I had the chance to check out the ‘first’ official show from Sydney indie-pop squad Jinja Safari over the weekend when the lads took supporting honours for Miami Horror’s just-wrapped national tour and once the Jinja Safari crew had wrapped their set I wasn’t the only one with a giddy grin plastered on my face.

But let’s backtrack to the set itself. Bounding about with endless energy, Jinja Safari performed like this was their 100th gig really, they were impressively tight. Mixing island-keyboards with erratic guitar squall, low-slung bass and some double-duty percussion – with the bongo/xylophone maestro rolling around on stage barefoot – the set was a lot of fun to watch. Which is really all you can ask for.

Expect to hear a lot about these guys from here on out, that’s a certainty. In the meantime, grab first cut Peter Pan below and head to Unearthed to show them some more love."

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